Interesting facts about German cars


A car should always be an extension of the driver, constituting perfect harmony and balance. It should be a pure and intuitive relationship, much like a horse and its rider and specially designed for a smooth, yet thrilling driving experience. German car companies have a long history of manufacturing vehicles at the highest standards, with stunning appearance and breath-taking performance. The German brands have a reputation for offering the best cars for decades and currently, they own thousands of prizes and records for their innovative and influential automobiles.


Things you might not know about German cars

BMW firstly built airplane engines: BMW was founded in 1916 due to a merger of three other companies that manufactured aircraft engines and airplanes. During the WWI, there was a high demand for airplane engines, especially from the German side. The technology they developed powered the engine of the legendary pilot the Red Baron and was called the greatest engine in WWI. Later, the Treaty of Versailles prohibited Germany from producing warplanes and warplanes engines and names explicitly the Fokker to be handed over to the Allies. These events led to the diversifying of the company, and so they begin to manufacture motorcycles and later, automobiles.

Volkswagen’s signature – the Beetle: Ferdinand Porsche developed the prototype for VW Beetle and only took him ten months and mostly worked on it from his private villa. It was manufactured and marketed from 1938 to 2003, and by 1995 they sold it in more than 150 countries around the world. The VW Beetle became the first foreign vehicle to be imported into the United States market.

Porsche: the legendary Porsche 911 was named initially 901, but Peugeot forced them to change the name, claiming that names with this format, number-0-number, are Peugeot traditional nomenclature. In 1987, Porsche 944 Turbo became the first car to have side airbags available as standard equipment.

The valuable qualities of German cars made them the leaders in auto production throughout history and still they are continuously adapting and innovating to the modern society while offering exceptional design and great technologies.